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Therapy Modes

The length of therapy might range from a single session to several months or even years. Your length of treatment will be dependent of each client's wants and needs. For some, one or two session may be all that is necessary. For others, it might takes longer than to process the specific topics that need to be address. A treatment plan will be discussed with each child/family to determine length of sessions. 

Short Term Therapy

Typically, short-term therapy lasts three to five months or up to 10 to 20 sessions. Short-term therapy frequently concentrate on how you may enhance your life right now, focusing on problems you are currently dealing with in your regular life. The past is covered, but it is not the primary topic.

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Long Term Terapy

Long-term therapy is not time-limited like short-term therapy is. As you explore your past, ideas, memories, or experiences throughout long-term sessions, you are more in charge of where each session goes. The focus of long-term therapy is typically more on the past, which can help you better understand who you are and how your prior experiences may have affected your present-day actions.

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